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Resolve to be Happier in 2020; How to Make Sure You Don't Forget to Be Happy

Do you ever stop to think about what makes you happy? Do you ever wonder if you are actually happy?

In the book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, the author "chronicles her 12 month adventure" that she spends test driving scientific research.

Every month, she intentionally does one new thing that research shows make people happier.

I used to think happiness was the effect of random good things that happened. I didn't think there was much we could do to affect our happiness.

It turns out, you can be more intentional about generating happiness.

Here is how (in a nutshell) to become more intentional about your happiness,

Rubin's 12 Month Happiness Project:

January: Boost Energy (vitality)

February: Remember Love

March: Aim Higher

April: Lighten Up

May: Be Serious About Play

June: Make Time For Friends

July: Buy Some Happiness

August: Contemplate the Heavens

September: Pursue A Passion

October: Pay Attention

November: Keep a Contented Heart

December: Bootcamp Perfect

How can this self-help book inspire seniors or senior caregivers?

Well, for those of us who are striving to serve others in the best way possible, our goal is to care for the whole person; body, mind, and spirit.

I will take one month as an example, January: Boost Energy.

A few different ways we can boost energy are getting better sleep, eating healthy, and being active.

Now let's take being active.

When seniors require assistance to move around, being active is even more important!


"Start small, but do something that moves you toward your meaningful goal!"


In an assisted living setting, you must schedule the movement/active times and assign the task of helping seniors to a team member.

Thats the secret. It must be scheduled, and assigned.

As the leader of your organization, it's your responsibility to do the task with your team first.

Especially if this task hasn't been done before, your team needs to see you do it. Bring the enthusiasm you want to see!


"As the leader of your organization, its your responsibility to do it with your team first... bring the enthusiasm you want to see!"


The task can be as simple as taking a walk with your residents.

And here is one last tip, and this is how you ensure that what you started sticks:

Schedule the ongoing evaluation of this task. This is for you, the leader.

Schedule it in as an appointment in your google calendar, with an alert. Example: "Check -in on "Be Active." And if you want to go even further, you can add notes to your appointment, reminding yourself what you are checking in on. For example, "Is it being done, how can we improve it, etc."

This format will help you get started, and before you know it, doing things that improve your happiness will become a habit! Now go and have yourself a Happy New Year 2020!

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