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Simplify the Move to Assisted Living with a Move-In Checklist!

Have you ever put off doing something important because you weren't sure what exactly it is you have to do? You are not alone! Many times, we procrastinate important decisions due to the fear of the unknown.

Couple that with the anxiety and doubt associated with a move; the process can seem daunting.

Below is a simple move-in checklist that applies to most Assisted Living facilities:

1. Phone call with the prospective Assisted Living

This is where you tell the Assisted Living Administrator what your situation is, what your mom or dad need help with, and determine if that particular facility is an option for touring. Tip: A lot of people are looking for assisted living facilities, if there is a room available, don't wait too long to tour! They fill up fast.

2. Scheduled Tour of facility:

This is when you get to meet the Executive director, Administrator, and most of the care team. You'll have the opportunity to share more details about your mom or dad and the concerns or challenges you are facing. The tour can last from 20mins to 1hour, sometimes more. You can expect to receive a preliminary, or average monthly rate. During the tour, you'll be shown the facility, the room available, and you will get to see what daily life looks like for the residents. Tip: Pay attention to that gut feeling you get; sometimes you just know if it's a good fit or it isn't.

3. Facility Administrator Assessment of mom or dad

If you are interested and want to know if your mom meets criteria for move-in, ask the facility administrator to assess your mom. This assessment is about 15-45minutes long. The nurse will determine your mom or dads abilities, and gather information from the nursing facility (if applicable) to determine if they meet criteria for a move-in into your home. If they do, you will receive a monthly rate offer with 24 hours. Tip: schedule assessment as soon as possible.

4. Leave a Deposit

If they meet criteria and you agree on the monthly rate, leave a deposit to hold your room as soon as possible. It is sort of like a first come, first serve scenario. If your mom meets criteria and was given an offer, you do need to secure it, or else you could lose it.

5. Schedule Move-In date

Pick a day that works with everyone. If the facility doesn't have a medical director, the best move in days are weekdays, Monday-Thursday. It can be challenging to get orders and supplies over the weekend if there isn't a doctor or nurse practitioner that is following them to the next facility. By following them, I mean, visiting them in the home. If your mom is on hospice, any day of the week usually works. Tip: Weekday move-ins are ideal, you can speak with the care providers that are familiar with their care as opposed to on-call team members.

6. Hire a Mover-Pack everything up!

Plan to bring all their medications, some clothes, hearing aides and batteries, dentures and container, any special devices; cane, walker, wheelchair, and a pair of shoes.

7. Admission Paperwork

You'll get a packet of information and a packet of paperwork to sign. Be prepared to provide your mom or dads ID, social security card, medical diagnosis, medication list and doctor names and phone numbers, your POA or MPOA paperwork, and insurance information.

8. Move-In!

After the movers have moved the furniture and big boxes, you can usually go to the facility to help unpack and arrange items to have the room semi-ready for when your mom or dad arrives. The facility will help make the bed. Be prepared to bring payment upon move-in. Reminder: Remember to bring all the medications!

And that's about it! Now it's time to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy going through photos as you hang them up in fresh new arrangements.


"New beginnings can be emotional, but it's that emotion that ingrains a memory. Choose to make it a happy one."


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